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Hindu: Kayastha Sect : - Native Place : Assam, Guwahati
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Mumbai, India
Posting this on behalf of my brother. My brother has lived outside India for more than 10 years now. After his B.E. in Mechanical Engineering, he worked in Dubai and Singapore/ Thereafter he self sponsored his MBA from Bradford University and got a job in singapore. After a few years in singapore, he went to Beijing and this is where is currently. He a travel enthusiast, adventure seeking guy who ... has been to Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, Moscow, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, USA, Dubai, UK etc. Sounds amazing doesn't it! I always wanted his life.. :) He is also a great cook and is big time into food and nutrition. He is my inspiration to always stay in shape. He loves watching movies all kinds hollywood, bollywood and yes ofcourse chinese and korean movies. And he has an amazing sense of humor and so do all of us :) Our family comprises the 2 children (me and my brother) and our parents. Me and my husband work in US . My father is a respected professional in the oil industry and my mother is a home maker. My parents are based out of Mumbai. As a family we have been through some pretty tight spots together and would really love to welcome a fun loving, spirited, open minded girl who loves to love! Read more Less Family - Education - Occupation -
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