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PhiladelphiaPA, USA
I came onto shaadi because i've heard some of my friends say they have met some people off here, so I thought why not try it out. My name is Veeshal Shah and I am born and raised in the Philadelphia region, and also currently live and work here too. About myself... i am a big sports fan, i watch alot of movies / HBO shows, have a group of friends i like to chill with, i am a vegetarian so i do like going to restaurants and ordering that one vegetarian option they may offer lol, and overall i'm pretty laid-back and enjoy good people's company. The kind of woman i'd be interested in meeting is someone also born and raised in the US or Canada/UK, that is a genuinely positive and nice person. I don't have a perfect description of what i'm looking for, because well, no one is perfect. So i'm pretty open minded to finding out about someone and seeing if we get along and enjoy each other's humor and personality. Premium Service Premium Members are entitled to view horoscope details. Upgrade Now Premium Members Benefits
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