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Hindu: Khatri
I believe in living and enjoying life to the fullest. I try not to worry....but only succeed partially in that so far. I love watching movies, going out and spending quality time with friends and family. I balance this modern life with religion and keeping track of my roots. Other than this, my hobbies include keeping fit, reading and pretty much anything fun. I am very accommodating and easy goin ... g. My strength is my sense of humor and wish to spend life with someone who loves to laugh. I currently live in Gurgaon and my parents live in Shimla, but in future I wish for them to join me in Gurgaon and enjoy a retired life. Also, I am pure vegetarian and a teetotaler by choice. But I enjoy food and have quite a sweet tooth :-D Read more Less Family Father: Retd Prof. (psychology) and former dean Social Sciences, Himachal Pradesh Univ. Mother: Phd Psychology, Running a private school in Shimla Younger Brother: Asst. Supply Chain Manager, Pepsi Co. India. (Mumbai) Fraternal Grandfather (not alive): Dr Karam Chand Malik, Pathologist and Vet doctor Maternal Grandfather (not alive): Shri CL Kapila, IAS, Fo ... rmern Commissioner (Admin), Himachal Pradesh Maternal Family: Some settled in India, US and UK. Paternal Family: Well settled in Delhi All my family is very well educated and are firm believers in education. I hope to become a part of a similar family like mine. Read more Less Education MBA (F) Currently persuing CFA (L-3) US Charter Occupation VP - Cians Analytics
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