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35 Years
Hindu Vishwakarma Sect: - Family based out of: -
Sr. Software Engineer, mumbai
Mumbai, India
Born in a south indian family to south indian parents, my upbringing revolved around a strict - academic discipline, vegetarian diet, bharathanatyam, carnatic music and a traditional south indian outlook. But as irony should have it, this drama was set in Mumbai; and Mumbai has its way even with seasoned south indians. So, although I’ve been moulded by the above, life exposed me, and I’ve allowed myself to experience contemporary ideals, play with alternate food choices, appreciate everything “non-south-indian” and experience the chaos that is Mumbai. So here I am am - a tamil-mumbaikar with stylish sanskaras…and i’d say “that’s an oxymoron”. While I have attuned to and chosen a lifestyle that balances both sides of the scale, I admittedly tip the scale towards the contemporary to an extent. I graduated in physics, changed course, and did my master’s in computer science. While the latter brings home the bacon, the former is the love of my life. My other best companion is a creative itch, which sees daylight either via coding, cooking, or tiny little pet projects around the house. My interests and hobbies are varied, but in general anything intellectually/creatively stimulating receives a warm welcome; be it a documentary, a book, a movie or a conversation. I love music. Although I grew up listening to Illayaraja, RD.Burman and their contemporaries, I’m extremely open to every genre and flavour of music barring metal. Life has been a mixed bag of ups and downs, and its definitely the latter and a supportive family I attribute my current strengths to. I’ve gone from religious to pseudo spiritual to atheist to a complete spiritual now and it feels like I’ve come home. Yoga and meditation interest me a lot, and devote some time to the two. Immediate family consists of mum, dad and my brother and undoubtedly they are my weakness and my strength. I’ve lived in the UK for a year and lived in Australia for four, and although I’ve loved every bit of it my heart is hopelessly “Desi” and I’d like to return home in the near future. Attraction is important to me, and I perceive it as a combination of aesthetics and intelligence. I can bring to the table my queer sense of humour, a meaningful conversation, an environment conducive to personal and spiritual growth and offer myself in friendship and love. I do not have a check list, and I am not looking for a mirror image. But if you have a few similarities and can bring to the table some of your strengths and peculiarities, I think we can work out an interesting formula to ride this roller coaster together. So, if any of this resonates with you hit me up and we’ll see where it takes us.
 Family A close knit family of four. Myself -Mr.Lokanthan (father of the girl) am the Vice President of an MNC in Mumbai. My wife is an officer at a bank. We have a son who is younger to Lavanya. Both our children presently live and work in Australia. Education Master's in computer science. Occupation Sr. Software Engineer, mumbai
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