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Rajasthani / Marwari / Malwi / Jaipuri
Scheduled Caste
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Bangalore, India
MEHTA GROUP has leased a TEXTILE FACTORY(MILL). WE have got 300 SULZER LOOMS running there which employs about sixty people full time . the entire production there is for our shops . the day to day activities are taken care by my cousin brother on a job work basis. I HAVE enclosed a small business letter which goes to our 5000 customers regularly just to give a brief iintroduction of our business. WE ARE DISTRIBUTORS OF SKUMARS MILLS for last forty years for KARNATAKA. managing my business and servicing my regular customers and the 500 plus schools we supply uniforms takes up all my time and energy on a day to day basis. you can add this as my activity for the last twenty years. I am also sending all the other MEHTA family group shops visiting cards alongwith. we operate seperately as independent units and each one of us is financially seperate though in textile industry we are very well known as MEHTA GROUP. we have a combined group turnover of rupees THIRTY CRORES inclusive of all our textile and all other business activities put together. By the grace of GOD we are able to put in great efforts and at the shops business which i own and operate we have a annual turnover of over TEN CRORES and a net annual profit of over ONE CRORE. THE SHOP fully owned by NIKHIL MEHTA has a annual profit of over rupees thirty lakhs. his grand father sits with him full time AND HELPS and guides him in his business as a full time activity. NAMASKAR, I would like to present the financial health of MEHTA FAMILY GROUP in a brief summary;; MEHTA FAMILY GROUP owns the following properties in the prime residential area . THE current market value of land in this area is running at RS 20,000/- PER SQUARE foot. 1. residential super luxury bungalow owned SHRI SAJJANRAJJI MEHTA built on 6500 sq feet land area , ALONG WITH SIX TWO bedroom flats which are given on rent of 20000/- per month for each 2bhk flat,;; current value of this prime property is itself RUPEES TWENTY CRORES. 2. own BUNGALOW owned by DR ARVIND MEHTA , BUILT on 2800 sq feet of land is valued at today s price at RUPEES TEN CRORES., with most modern interior decoration done by the top architect of SOUTH INDIA. 3.OWN BUNGALOW on 3200 sq feet of MAHAVEER MEHTA, 4.two ownership flats ,where we were stayed for twenty five years are owned by SHRI KANAKRAJ MEHTA, 5. SIX residential and commercial SITES owned by mehta family in various parts made as investments in property in various stages over last forty years all are worth more than RUPEES TWENTY CRORES TODAY . 6. MEHTA DISTRIBUTORS shop which is owned and run by me ARVIND MEHTA . ONE half was purchased by me at rupees FIFTY LAKHS five years back , in the year 2005 and the other original shop in1987 at rupees seven lakhs WHICH was the value then. but the current market value of this shop is rupees 1.5 CRORES. 7.MEHTA HI FASHIONS AND MEHTA CREATIONS is the shop owned by MAHAVEER MEHTA , FATHER of NIKHIL MEHTA, 9.MEHTA ENTERPRISES , is the shop owned by SAJJAN RAJJI MEHTA ;; MEHTA TRENDS is the shop owned by ASHWIN MEHTA. huge amount of money is invested in stocks and as running capital in business and to buy all these properties. CURRENT VALUE OF ALL THE BUSINEESS AND the STOCKS owned and the prime commercial properties in CHICKPET which is the heart of BANGALORE IN A FINANCIAL SUMMARY I WOULD BRIEFLY PUT all the current ASSETS at todays values at more than HUNDRED CRORES. THIS IS NOT TAKING into account the business goodwill of MEHTA GROUP built since the last seventy years in BANGALORE. Family JAI JINENDRA SA, PLEASE note our very close references in BANGALORE,; 1) SHRI RATANJI PAVECHA,OF MANGALCHAND KIRANRAJ GROUP,who have five sarees shops in chickpet . their daughter is married recently to my nephew ASHWIN MEHTA. 2) SHRI JUGRAJJI MADANRAJJI SOLANKI, TO whose son shri LALITJI SOLANKI, TO WHOM IS MARRIED my niece REENA MEHTA SOLANKI. BOTH these families are very old and well known families of BANGALORE. .A SINGLE photo does not convey all the angles of a person s personality.hence i have sent the dvd s of a recent marriage in our family. I'm herewith enclosing the bio data and photo for your reference,please contact me on my mobile for any quiries.kindly also send your daughter's bio data and photograph we are a leading textile manufacturing and trading group of with FIVE shops in the prime business area , CHICKPET,of central bangalore . we are south india' s top school uniform distributors supplying to over 500 schools. we are looking for a bride for our very handsome son who is a model also.he has done a lot of fashion shows in his inter college competitions and also for a few designers of bangalore. WE ARE A VERY MODERN FAMILY settled in bangalore since the last 40 years. we are in textile business with five shops of MEHTA family group in bangalore city. all our family members are very well connected in BANGALORE JAIN SAMAJ AND WITH LOTS OF RELATIVES IN MUMBAI jain samaj also. MEHTA GROUPS hard work of three generations has built a big business house and business group with a group turnover of THIRTY CRORES AND various family PROPERTIES , various sites around BANGALORE, eight flats and three bungalows in the top most residential locality of Bangalore ,, where the cream of jain business community of Bangalore all MEHTA FAMILY GROUP assets and properties and our business assets are worth more than ONE HUNDRED CRORES. MEHTA FAMILY has taken a SANGH by the blessings of ACHARYA SHRI PADMA SAGAR SURISWARJI. This sangh was taken by a full train of 750 people of Bangalore and chennai AND Mumbai samaj .this was for a period of 41 days and covered all leading teerths of INDIA INCLUDING SAMMETH SHIKARJI,PAVAPURI,PALITANA.THE expense of taking such a sangh today will be more than a crore. MEHTA FAMILY has also built a girls school in our home town village nearly 800 girls are provided free education in this school. we have also sent the dvd s of two marriages held in our family recently of ASHWIN MEHTA& REENA MEHTA. this will give a full visual introduction of all our family members,our social circle of relatives our life style and customs. in a very grand marriage functions MEHTA FAMILY the wedding of our daughter REENA MEHTA.OVER 2500 top people of Bangalore samaj attended the wedding reception. IN my marriage held nearly 18 years the BAARAT went by a FLIGHT FROM BANGALORE to MUMBAI TO JAIPUR and also returned by FLIGHT. VARIOUS top personalities of Jain samaj of BANGALORE WERE IN THE BAARAT. OUR STAY WAS ARRANGED in a five star palace converted hotel HOTEL MANSINGH PALACE HOTEL, I am married to the famous LODHA FAMILY of AJMER. They own the LODHA DHARAMSHALA and various properties in AJMER and JAIPUR. WE WOULD ALSO LIKE TO ADD THAT WE A VERY SIMPLE LIVING FAMILY A EXPECT ONLY A SIMPLE and decent wedding only.we have no expectations at all and are interested only in a good family girl. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO ADD THE REFERENCE OF ,CHAIRMAN OF MSPL GROUP OF HOSPET ,AND MUMBAI ,which is today one of the leading jain group business houses of INDIA with a turnover of more than 1000 crores. . HIS sister ,is married to my brother in law,shri SUMATHIMALJI LODHA. we would also like to add that all our family members are god gifted with a very fair complexion and are among the most smart and gorgeous family of BANGALORE JAIN SAMAJ .Hence we are searching for a very special GIRL as a part of our family. I WOULD also like to add that inherits a grand bungalow from his grand parents and also a lot of their share of wealth as he is their favourite grand son. Education MBA from JAIN college, BANGALORE. Occupation -
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