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Patel - Leva
(City, Profession, Keyword)
Anand, India
Hi there, I'm an "Ardent Music Lover+ Avid (Learner+ Reader)", NovoGeek, Sports Fanatic, Friendly, Confident, Eco-Friendly, Career-focused, Humorous, Enthusiastic, Secular with an unique and a positive approach towards life. I always valued things that I've possess but at the same time I believe to add value to things; I dont like to sit and lament about anything; I always appreciate excellence and give respect to each person whom I interact irrespective of his/her age. Well, To know the person is like a deep running ocean, There's always more to discover as you dive into it. Feel free to give me a buzz and we will go from there. Premium Service Premium Members are entitled to view horoscope details. Upgrade Now Premium Members Benefits
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