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Professional, Actor
Hicksville, NY, USA
I was born & brought up in India & moved to the USA in 2000. I have a lot of traditional values and am seeking someone who has traditional values with mordern thinking. Music is a passion(specially Lata Mangeshkar songs). I love to Laugh and make others laugh. I am a people person and get along with everybody. I love spending time with family(which includes Mom, Dad & lil Sister)and friends & also making new ones. I graduated college with a degree in Radiation Therapy treating Cancer patients & work at a private Radiation Oncology Cancer Center. I am also pursuing my masters in health care administration. I like to be involved in different activites in my community & love to do volunteer work which is my way of giving back to the community. My Dream is a Peaceful world, one without hatred and violence. I am very easy going & laid back person and take life day by day. I work very hard for the goals that I set for myself. I don't get annoyed very easily & if I do I am back to myself in no time. I am also fond of reading different books and love to read up on different religions, their customs, beliefs, rituals, myths and superstitios. I am looking for someone who is fun-loving, caring & sweet. Someone who knows how to laugh even during tough times and who can enjoy life as it is...
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