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Hindu: Lingayat Sect : - Native Place : -
Professional , Lawyer
I am a simple person with high dreams and I look out for true feelings & small pleasures in my life. I would describe myself as smart, attractive, very active, caring, loving, soft spoken, very cultured, relegious, compassionate, a confident person having a very positive approach towards life, obsessed with vegetarianism. I am spiritually orie ... nted person with a blend of modern and traditional values,homely girl, consious about fitness & cleanliness. We are basically from mysore i did my schooling and college from the same place, moved to bangalore for work, now family is settled in bangalore. Got married 4 years back and never lived a married life, got divorced by mutual consent. To celebrate life, the people in my life, the beauty of nature and every little creation of this loving, joyous, crazy and adventure filled existence is what I am here to do :-) Life may not always be love and joy, but finding the love and joy in every experience of life is where the excitement begins. I enjoy traveling. I love going to the movies, music is my passion, I like someone who is down to earth, good at heart, gives space, matured and can enjoy what life can offer. I am very frank and straight forward and believe a relationship is defined by mutual respect and understanding for one another. Understanding is the shortest distance between two people. I dream of having a cozy & warm house with loads of goodness,love, truth & fun. Read more Less Family Education BBM, MCA Occupation Team Lead in IBM
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