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Vaishnav Vania
Self Employed / Business
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Want to be our daughter and want to make our home heaven by sweetening it with your love and mix within the family like sugar dissolves in milk. Sanskar is the most important thing. We believe in humanity first. Think quality of life is important rather than money as we believe one need not to be a crorepati to live like crorepati. There are people who can not live such a life because they put money first, we do not do that. One should be ok with crorepati like food and lifestyle. Think age, education, height, weight are rather immaterial to lead a quality married life Sachin married to Dr. Anjali and Amitabh married to Jaya are some examples. It is important to respect each other and stand by each other in whatever situations arises in life. Couple should look good and that is all. Now, something about us. We are visa nima vania from Meghraj, worshiping Shreenathji, Lord Krishna. Gokul, Mathura, Shreenatji are our holy places. We moved to Ahmedabaad in 1989. We are three members in our family we, parents and Pulin, my son. My daughter is married and is now in UK. I am a visa consultant and shares investor and my wife is a housewife. We have our own, a fully furnished 3 bedroom apartment with all modern facilities. We have 2 bedrooms fitted with A.C. We owe a car I-10 hundai. My son is a non smoker, non drinker purely vegetarian industrialist having a metal casting factory in partnership with his two cousins Nr. Ahmedabad. We have enough income to lead a good quality life at present. A withdrawal of more than 1 lac per month will become possible after the term loan is repaid. He is a graduate and has very good knowledge of computers as once he ran a call center. Currently he is a Managing Director of our factory. He has a very good personality and he looks like purely European due to safed daag developed when he was 14 (see his photo) . this is purely cosmetic and nothing more. Hair colour is natural black.
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