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Hyderabad, India
I m a jovial guy with always a let go attitude with no egos from a middle class conservative family.With lots of respect towards moral values & human relations & stable personality with a understanding nature.I always love exploring to new places.I m always ambitious & show commitment towards my career.Looking for a ideal companion who can hold my hand for the entire life & who represents meaning of true love& affection.they should really understand the value towards the relationships.I don't really mind what they are before & what they have done before .but once they join my life will definitely support her all through her life until the last breath & giving her a helping hand in each every prospect with utmost caring & guide her towards a bright career which leads to a fruitful life.Finally i m looking for a like minded girl who is positive towards her life & relationship .at the same time a bit bubbly & cute should be straight forward as well as understanding which really leads to a healthy relationship.
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