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Durgapur, West Bengal, India
We are seeking for a suitable alliance for my sister with moral values. She is very jovial kind of lady and can adjust in every situation. .Bride is my elder sister.She is divorce now.She can leave her husband house only 7 days. Reason I tell you letter. She doesn't interest in service after marriage & she doest knowledge in computer skill.she like only cooking.She is a very simple girl.She like to leave with her mother in low, father in low in the future.She like a simple & honest people for her life partner.We belong middle class family. Our residential Durgapur.She like a simple, Down to earth person.He should be intelligent, respect the elders, n takes care of his family and the most important thing is he should be a very good person(good hearted). Looks is not at all any factor for me the only thing is that he should be a good hearted, and a very good person .He should be honest, good in nature and love his family. The person should be friendly and lovable.Need a person who care for his wife, who can do anything for her..Who can share his feelings with her partner.
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